Professor Kraig G. Lagerman

Agility 8/10 Intellect 5
Perception 6/9 Presence 4
Strength 7/9 Tenacity 10/12
Secondary Attributes
Reflex 8/12 Orgone 12/14 Vitality 12/16
Travel: 13/13 mph Sprint: 32/32 ypt Cautious: 8/8 ypt
Climbing: Double Jumping: Double Flight: Double
Appraisal 1 (Student) Computer 3 (Adept) Education 3 (Adept) History 1 (Student)
Languages: Arabic 2 (Novice) Languages: Latin 2 (Novice) Languages: R’lyehan 2 (Novice)
Languages: Tsath-yo 2 (Novice) Languages: Japanese 1 (Student) Languages: English 4 (Expert)
Literacy 2 (Novice) Occult 3 (Adept) Parapsychology 1 (Student) Research 2 (Novice)
Trivia 1 (Student) Dodge 2 (Novice) Observation 3 (Adept) Fighting 2 (Novice)
Armed Fighting 2 (Novice) Stealth 1 (Student) Regional Knowledge 2 (Novice)
Marksman 1 (Student)
Tager Tager Exceptional
Internal Clock Internal Compass Periphial Vision
Duty Damaged Debt
Truly Honest Phobia Sunlight

My name is professor Kraig G. Lagerman, and this is my story.

I was a professor in the Anthropology department at UIC. But that was to change.
One night while I was out with my wife Andrea, we were attacked by something. I still don’t remember the whole thing only that I lived and my wife died. The Eldrich society were the ones to rescue me. Near death I was given the choice, fight to live and become something more or give up. I chose to live and My vengeance shall know no bounds.

The creature that joined with me is magnificent, It is a thing of beauty. All of my dreams come true.

You see I was a very dedicated larper in the vampire game, and to finally see a true vampire is the greatest gift that the Eldrich society could give. I shall rain destruction down upon the Chrysalis Corp for all they have taken from me.

Professor Kraig G. Lagerman

The Murder of Chicago Thassaloss